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Salient Features...

  • Globalized Activity Based & Students centered learning.
  • Specious Play grounds & Classrooms equipped with the Modern requirements.
  • Visionary syllabus according to the desired needs of international curriculum.
  • Friendly, trained, well qualified, well groomed & hardworking Teachers.
  • Attractive, secure, peaceful, clean & healthy environment.
  • Co curricular activities are integral part of learning process.
  • Religious & cultural education.

Student's Uniform...

Prep to III (Girls):-

  • Full sleeves a line shirt
  • White legging / tights (A white shalwar may be worn in is place)
  • Black & white sweater / Blazer

Class IV to V (Girls):-

  • Full sleeves shirt with slits; edging done in dark green
  • White shalwar
  • A green sash
  • White Socks & black shoes
  • Black & white hair accessories
  • Dark Green Sweater /Blazer

Prep to V (Boys):-

  • Full sleeves shirt with grey trousers
  • Black Socks & black shoes
  • APSACS Necktie
  • Dark geen Sweater/ Blazer
  • Dark green baseball cap with APSACS insignia(optional)

Admission Test...


  • Informal Assessment based on reading level, vocabulary, concepts of numbers & colours, confidence/ expressions in spoken English
  • Judging Pencil grasp
  • I.Q level of the child
  • Only grades to be given

Class Prep:-

  • Written Assessment based on concepts of numbers, Alphabets both in English & Urdu.
  • Oral responses to questions asked.

Class I to V:-

  • Written test in core subjects viz English, Urdu & Mathematics as well as reading & comprehension levels.


  • After the admission test, a formal interview of the chid will be conducted in presence of parents.

Final Selection:-

  • Admissions will be on merit & on priority as per policy
  • Army personnel serving
  • Army personnel retired
  • Air force/Navy personnel
  • Civilians
  • Names of selected candidates will be displayed on the school notice board on a given date.

Student Personal File:-

  • Admission form & Photograph
  • Birth certificate (Photocopy)
  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Report Card from Previous School
  • Admission Order
  • Test Papers
  • Photograph
  • Admission Fee Challan(Photocopy)


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