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Principal Message

At AP PRE SCHOOL , we believe that young children have a right to joyful experiences full of awe and wonder. As naturally curious beings, once inspired by outstanding teachers, innovative resources and informed pedagogical approaches, our Pre School students will begin to ask questions and explore answers. Play is what children do best. This is not an activity that takes place alongside their learning, or in between their learning. Play is their learning. When playing, children begin with what they know and can do and use this as the foundation for expanding their skills and taking risks, leading them on to further learning and deepened self-awareness.

As adults, we are role models for our children in all that we do. At AP PRE SCHOOL, we believe passionately in strong partnerships between home, school and the child. We are excited to meet you, to get to know you, to foster a love of learning in your child together and to build relationships that will strengthen our understanding of your child's personality, talents and future.

Best regards.

Parveen Ali

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